Coatings Manufacturing

Tver Paint Factory is Russia’s leading and most advanced enterprise in the paint industry. We employ the state of the art equipment to manufacture automotive refinishing and industrial coatings that perform up to highest international standards.

The plant was built in 2010. Its intended capacity is 10 million liters per year with a growth potential of up to 20 million liters per year. Phased development and continuous improvement of the plant has been built into the plan from the beginning. All engineering systems including ventilation, fire, and explosion protection were designed in such a way that further upgrades and installations could be managed gradually without interferring with existing production.

The Plant has its own testing labs equipped with the state of the art equipment from leading international manufacturers. Certified chemists who have received industry standard training under the supervision of European experts from Germany carry out our research work. There is an ongoing research aimed at continuous expansion of the product range and applications.

Tver Paint Factory hosts an Information Center to provide training to Paintgroup own employees and employees of its partner companies. It features a big conference hall, two small group classes, a spacious lab and a mixing room and a large working area with a spray booth and preparation areas.

Tver Paint Factory is a modern enterprise with an unlimited capacity for further growth and development that is ready to meet the ever evolving requests of its partners.

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